Try Premium Membership

If you want maximum flexibility and convenience, you’ll love our Premium membership.  You’ll be able to create an unlimited number of separate filtering profiles, so each family member has their own unique filter settings, where you’ll be able to “whitelist” or “blacklist” specific domains.  You’ll also be able to see browsing history and rich data for each profile via our Analytics dashboard.  You can even see Real Time browsing for each profile.


Need Help?  Get Expert Setup (Optional)


To enforce filtering for any device connected to your wi-fi network, you’ll need to adjust the DNS settings on your router.  If you prefer not to do it yourself, you can purchase an Expert Setup appointment, and we’ll do it for you!  You’ll get instant access to our scheduling system, where you can book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.  During the appointment, a technician will connect via Zoom and help set up your router to use our DNS servers.

If you cannot afford Expert Setup, but need some help, please send us a Live Chat.  From time to time, we have complimentary Expert Setup sessions available that have been provided by donors.


Some Internet Service Providers and routers do not allow DNS changes on their equipment.  If we are unsuccessful adjusting the DNS settings on your router, we will provide you coaching on how to set up filtering directly on the different types of devices used in your home.

Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not 100% satisfied with the service you receive during your Expert Setup appointment, just request a refund by submitting a ticket under “Help”.