Christian Internet Filter: Keeping Your Family Safe Online


Is there such a thing as a Christian internet filter?  Our founder discovered the internet filters he had spent hours setting up to protect his children online were woefully insufficient.  Even running those filters, his kids would still be able to access Planned Parenthood’s website and read an article on how to to be “safe” while engaging in risky sexual behavior.  His kids would also be able to pull up news websites devoted to normalizing LGBTQ+ behavior as healthy & harmless.  Meanwhile those same news websites were filled with ads from drug companies promoting their latest HIV drugs with messages like “you keep being you”.  (Note that the links above will not load once you begin using our filters!)

Our founder went looking for an internet filter that promised to block these types of websites and came up empty in his search.  So he decided to build a solution and share it with other parents unashamedly.  We believe we’re the closest thing to a “Christian internet filter” in existence today.

FreeFiltering assists parents in preventing access to offensive material like pornography, abortion, & LGBTQ+ dedicated websites. We’ll look at the advantages of using internet filters dedicated to a Christian worldview & how they work.

What is a Christian Internet Filter?

It is more important than ever in the current digital era to protect our families from the dangers of the internet. One way to do this is by providing your family with a Christian internet filter. Our filters support a Christian worldview, while helping block offensive content like pornography, pro-LGBTQ content, and abortion providers.

Why Should You Use It?

Families decide to use an Internet filter for various reasons. Protecting children from the hazards available on the internet is the primary reason. The prevalence of easily-accessible sinful material online worries many Christian parents.  FreeFiltering helps Christian parents prevent their children from being exposed to this kind of material while also advancing a Christian worldview.

Protect Any Device on Your Wi-Fi From:

How Do We Provide a Christian Internet Filter?

We classify every website in the world.  If you’re running our Christian internet filters and someone tries to access a website, we first check our database to determine if the website should be allowed to load.  If it’s not already classified in our database, it will be classified the first time one of our users tries to access it.  We use sophisticated artificial intelligence to detect whether the website is problematic, so that we can block it instantly – even if it’s the first time one of our user’s has tried to access it.

How It Works:

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