Catholic Internet Filter?

Access to the internet is essential for most families in the modern world, but with the devil & his demons lurking behind every corner of the internet, wouldn’t it be great if there was a Catholic internet filter?

Catholic Internet Filter

While we don’t claim to be an internet filter strictly for Catholic families, you probably won’t find another filtering service so closely aligned with Church teaching.  In a world where wolves in sheep’s clothing often infiltrate the Church, we strive to be faithful to traditional Christian teaching on morality.

That’s why FreeFiltering blocks websites devoted to promoting pornography, LGBTQ+ lifestyles, and abortion.  Many of these stances are unpopular in today’s sinful world – that’s why so many of our competitors are afraid to mention them publicly.

The very fact that we’re telling you up-front on this page that we block this type of content could very well mean that someday soon, the major search engines decide to block all of our pages from their search results.  If that happens, people won’t even be able to find us – even if they’re looking for us!

We are constantly faced with a choice:  do we compromise and hide the truth to try to fit in with the world?  Even though our service is free for home wi-fi, we do offer some paid services.  We need to make a living, after all.  If we get blacklisted by the major search engines for speaking the truth, it could mean fewer people being able to find us, and fewer people being willing to pay for our premium services.  But we’ve made the choice not to be silent in speaking the truth, regardless of the cost.  Eventually, it may come to the point that the only way you’ll be able to find us is through word of mouth.  In fact, we’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment to tell your friends and family that you’ve found an internet filtering service that aligns with traditional Catholic values.

Do You Need an Internet Filter Aligns With Catholic Values

We are reminded of the prophet Isaiah, when he told the inhabitants of Jerusalem:

Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.  Isaiah 5:20 (Douay-Rheims Bible Online).

Too many people today are timid.  They would rather call evil things good and live a comfortable life, than risk the consequences of “speaking the truth, in love”.  The truth is, that we are created in the image of God the Word (the Logos).  Because we have a Creator, it is our responsibility to live according to His design for our lives.  God is full of mercy toward us.  He does not want to leave us in our sin, falling short of what He created us to be.  He calls us to repentance.  He calls us to be bold and courageous; to let those around us know that what they are hearing from the world is untruthful.  He calls us to protect the “little ones”.  Woe to us if we become a stumbling block for the children in our lives!  Will you join us on our mission to make the internet “safer for souls”, while speaking the truth in love?

Protect Any Device on Your Wi-Fi From:

Different Filtering Approaches

Downloadable Software & Apps
Most filters require you to download bulky software or apps onto your computer or smart phone that ultimately slow down your devices significantly.  With a router-based DNS filter, there is no software or app to install.  
Router-Based Filters
While it may require a little more work up-front, designating a DNS-based filter at the router level can help your devices run much more smoothly, without having to worry about downloading bulky apps or software onto lots of different devices.  The beauty of our system is this:  once you instruct your router to use our DNS filtering servers, any device that connects to your wi-fi is filtered automatically, making it easier than ever to block websites that are devoted to promoting ways of life contrary to the Catholic faith.

Your Kids are the Target:

How It Works:

Catholic Internet Filter?


Blocking of Inappropriate Websites

Many Catholic families appreciate our internet filter because we are devoted to blocking inappropriate and harmful content that violates Church teaching.  While there still seems to be a broad consensus that children should not be exposed to pornography, the culture has shifted in other areas.  It’s now no longer socially acceptable to say that homosexual behavior is sinful.  In fact, most Western governments have now taken positions to enshrine what was once recognized as immoral behavior as an innate, immutable characteristic of our human identity that should be protected by law.


Automatic Detection of Evil Websites

We use sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) to detect websites that are devoted to promoting evil, so we can block them before they even have the chance to load!  Although our AI is very sophisticated, we still use old-fashioned human discretion to maintain our blocklists.  If you ever come across a website that is not blocked that should be, we would appreciate it if you’d let us know.  Conversely, if we’ve accidentally blocked something that should not be blocked, we want to hear from you!

Free for Home Wi-Fi

Simply create an account on the site, make an adjustment to your router’s DNS settings, and every device connected to your wi-fi will be filtered automatically… for free!  Our goal is to hear “Well done, good & faithful servant” from the Lord – and we believe it’s our responsibility to help as many people as possible on their journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.  

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