How to Set Safe Search on Google with FreeFiltering

The internet has grown to play a crucial role in our daily lives. Still, it can also be a dangerous place, especially for children. As a parent, it’s necessary to protect your children from inappropriate or explicit content they may encounter online. One method to accomplish this is by using safe search features.

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What is Safe Search?

Safe search is a feature that helps to filter out explicit or inappropriate content from search results. With FreeFiltering, you can enforce secure searches on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, making it an excellent option for parents who want to keep their children safe online.


Two Types of Safe Search on FreeFiltering

FreeFiltering provides two levels of safe search: Safe Search Strict and Safe Search Moderate. Safe Search Strict filters out all explicit content, while Safe Search Moderate is less restrictive and may still allow some explicit content to appear in search results. Parents can choose the level that they feel is best for their family, depending on their personal preferences and the age of their children.

How to Set Safe Search on Google

How It Works:

How To Set Safe Search on Google with FreeFiltering Settings

Setting up a safe mode with FreeFiltering is simple. The process only needs to be done once and will enforce secure search on all search engines for all devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up the safe search with FreeFiltering:


Step 1: Log in to your FreeFiltering account

To start, log in to your FreeFiltering account. You may easily make an account if you still need to get one on the FreeFiltering website.


Step 2: Choose between Strict or Moderate

Once logged in, you’ll see the option to toggle on either Safe Search Strict or Safe Search Moderate. Choose the level of safe search that you feel is best for your family.


Step 3: Clear your DNS cache

Next, go to the URL chrome://net-internals to clear your DNS cache. Clearing your DNS cache is essential to ensure that the changes to your safe search settings are applied immediately.


Step 4: Load the page

Finally, open a new tab and reload the page that wasn’t working correctly. Now it should load since you’ve cleared your DNS cache.

How to Set Safe Search on Google

Benefits of Enforcing Safe Search with FreeFiltering

There are many benefits to enforcing safe search with FreeFiltering. By using secure search, you can:


  • Protect your children from inappropriate or explicit content
  • Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your children are safe online
  • Ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable online experience


For Premium Members: Enforcing Safe Search on Individual Devices

For premium members, FreeFiltering also allows them to enforce safe searches on individual devices, even when they are “away from home.” This means you can keep your children safe from inappropriate content, no matter where they are or what device they use.


Enforcing safe searches on Google with FreeFiltering is a simple and effective way for parents to protect their children from inappropriate or explicit content. Whether you choose Safe Search Strict or Safe Search Moderate, you can be confident that your children will be protected while they are online. By setting up a safe search, you can give yourself peace of mind and ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable online experience.

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